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Our complaints policy


We at Regnum Solicitors are committed to providing a high-quality service to all clients of the practice.  This includes a commitment to putting things right when they go wrong.  This policy explains how we will deal with any complaint that is referred to us.


Whenever possible, please raise any concerns with the solicitor acting for you, to give them the opportunity of resolving matters with you. Often problems can be quickly resolved in this way.


However, if you feel that you cannot discuss the matter with them, or you are unhappy about how they have dealt with your concerns then contact Mehmet Ali Erdogan the person responsible to deal with complaints at our firm.


Your complaint might concern the way in which you have been dealt with, the quality of advice you have received or the amount of any invoice that you have received.


Our complaints procedure


If you have a complaint, please write to us, whether by post to this office or by e-mail to It would be helpful if you could let us know your concerns in writing, but if you would prefer not to, or if you would find it difficult to do so, please call Mehmet on 020 79233855.


To explain to you how long this process might take we have included our target times for each stage of the process. Where, for any reason, it is not possible to observe any of these limits I will let you know and explain why.


What will happen next?


1.          On receipt of your complaint we will send you a letter acknowledging your complaint and might invite you to a meeting to discuss your concerns. We will open a file for your complaint in our system and will examine the file on the work that this practice has been doing for you. We would look to acknowledge your complaint within two days of receiving it and will complete the initial examination within seven days.


2.          We might then invite you to a meeting or write to you to ask for further information. Alternatively, we might write to you setting out our views on the situation and proposing any redress that would seem to be appropriate. We will aim to write to you with our views and any suggestions within ten days of completing our investigations.


3.         If by this stage, you are still not satisfied, please let us know. It would be helpful tous if you could do so within the 21 days, but there is no obligation on you to do so. We will then arrange a senior member of the management team to review the               decision in the light of any comments that you make; and would generally aim to do this within ten days of hearing from you.


4.         We will then write to you and inform you of our final position on your complaint and will explain our reasons.


5.          If we fail to respond to your complaint within 8 weeks or if at the conclusion of our complaints process, we are unable to resolve matters to your satisfaction you may have a right to make a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman. If you wish to do so, you must contact the Legal Ombudsman within 6 months of your last contact with us. Additionally, you must have raised your complaint with either us or the Legal Ombudsman within 1 year of the relevant act, or omission or 1 year from the date when you realised there was a cause for complaint. Please note that the Legal Ombudsman may not deal with a complaint about a bill if you have applied to court for assessment of that bill.


 For more details of this service see the website. The full details of how to contact this office are as follows:


Telephone: 0300 555 0333

Minicom: 0300 555 1777



Address: Legal Ombudsman, PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton WV1 9WJ


6.          You should note that the Legal Ombudsman will not be able to accept your complaint if:


  • more than six years have elapsed from the date of the alleged act or omission giving rise to your complaint;

  • more than three years have elapsed since the time that you should have known about your entitlement to make a complaint if later than above; or

  • the date of the alleged act or omission giving rise to the complaint was before the 6th October 2010.

Complaints in relation to bills   


The complaints procedure above also applies to complaints arising concerning our bill. There may also be a  right to object to the bill by applying to the court for an assessment of the bill under Part III of the Solicitors Act 1974; the Legal Ombudsman may not consider a complaint about a bill if you have applied to the court for assessment of that bill.


Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.  We will do our best to address any dissatisfaction that you have experienced in using the services of this practice. Our primary objective is to put things right.

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